Opened July 1, 2020



     TPH STEELに寄せられた多くの声を活かして、気になった点を改良を致しました。市販のティッシュペーパーソフトタイプをご使用時にティッシュペーパーが上部トレーの摩擦により切れやすくなることがありました。TPH STEEL Ⅱでは、上部トレー 裏の抜き口周り4ヶ所に付属マグネットを装着するこ...
  • TPH Cypress A' Design Award & Competition2021 受賞

    「CORINO2.9-.10 TPH Cypress」が A' デザインアワード Silver を受賞。 『corino2.9-1.0 TPH』がイタリアで開催される国際的なデザインコンペティションであるA’ Design Award & Competition の家具、装飾品、家...
  • Introduced on the ITALY WEB site.

    We are introduced to people all over the world through the PRESS of "A'Design Award & Competition."
  • Winning at TPH STEEL A' Design Award & Competition2020

    「CORINO2.9-.10 TPH」がTPH STEELに続き Bronze A' デザインアワードを受賞いたしました。 "corino2.9-1.0 TPH" won the Bronze A'design award in the furniture, decoration ...
  • Win a TPH STEEL A' Design Award & Competition2020

    "corino2.9-1.0 TPH STEEL" Original shape tissue paper holder is an international design competition held in Italy A'Design Award & amp; Com...
  • Launched in New York

    Launched in New York
    We handle all three designs of CORINO2.9-1.0 TPH leather products, steel products, and cypress products.
  • Received "OMOTENASHI Selection 2019"

    Received "OMOTENASHI Selection 2019"
    CORINO2.9-1.0 TPH won the "OMOTENASHI Selection 2019" for three designs of leather products, steel products, and cypress products, with the concept of "one shape" and "many handicrafts".
  • Published in the December issue of CREA 2019 Gift Bible

    Published in "CREA 30th Anniversary Issue Gift Bible"
    CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH products are listed.
  • "TPH CYPRESS" has been completed.

    Hinoki material pulling technique and wiping lacquer
    "TPH CYPRESS" made with the people of Kisohirasawa, Nagano Prefecture has been completed.
  • HOTEL & HOSTEL inside of LIFE x DESIGN

    Exhibited at the theme zone "HOTEL & amp; HOSTEL" in LIFE x DESIGN
    We introduced TPH of CORINO 2.9-1.0 in the theme zone "HOTEL & amp; HOSTEL" produced by ZERO FIRST DESIGN.
  • makuake crowdfunding

    makuake crowdfunding
    The first TPH project of CORINO 2.9-1.0, which started on February 4, achieved the target amount in two days. Thank you for your support.

    Exhibited at "BIO HOTEL STYLE", a concept zone in LIFE x DESIGN
    CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH was introduced in the concept "BIO HOTEL STYLE" produced by CIRCULAR ECONOMY JAPAN.