Opened July 1, 2020


Exhibited at "BIO HOTEL STYLE", a concept zone in LIFE x DESIGN
5th LIFE x DESIGN Tokyo International Gift Show
The concept zone "BIO HOTEL STYLE" produced by CIRCULAR ECONOMY JAPAN.

Based on the concept of "sustainability," which has become a global trend, we comprehensively propose a sustainable lifestyle that balances "healthy and prosperous living" and "efforts to improve society." I am. By participating in this exhibition, CORINO2.9-1.0 had the opportunity to rethink leather materials and products. We have newly produced and exhibited TPH using Tornut material (Aikawa Trading). * Tornut meets the three elements of "consumer safety and health consideration", "environmental consideration in the manufacturing process", and "disposal / recycling consideration". It is a new era of leather that has acquired the certification of Ecotex Standard 100, which is an internationally unified standard, through the leather manufacturing process of organic tanning that is closer to nature.