Opened July 1, 2020


TPH --2018 / 6/10-Launched from the anniversary of the time
We will start selling original shape holders that we have planned over a year from 2017.
"Why do you want a tissue paper holder?" This is a question I often get because I was mainly involved in the design of fashion miscellaneous goods BAG and wallets.

I started making it in collaboration with leather craftsmen because of the sense of crisis that the cashless era is coming. Wallet craftsmen are aging, but in recent years, the number of young craftsmen is gradually increasing, and efforts are being made to convey the technology in various places. The skill of Japanese craftsmen is high, and there is a delicate craftsmanship unique to Japanese people. The craftsmen of bags and wallets are different, the techniques are different. Items other than bags and wallets that are needed by everyone and are always present in the house, and have a high design and convey the goodness of leather products. Another reason was that I couldn't find the design I wanted to use for the tissue paper holder. Through trial and error, leather products were completed over the course of a year.