Opened July 1, 2020

Collection: Paper style shoulder bag [PSSB]

It is a paper bag style leather tote bag. Based on the design of the paper bag, split leather is used for the main body to give it a lightweight feel, and the finish is elegant so that it can be matched with a casual yet dressy style. It also has a removable pad so that it doesn't put a burden on you, so you won't get tired even if you're on your shoulder for a long time.いです。

What is split leather??

Cowhide, which is a natural leather, is thick and is put into a machine and split to make the thickness uniform. The back part of the stripped leather is called floor leather. Since the leather material is originally a by-product, there are various types of floor leather that is also a by-product. Split leather CORINP 2.9-1.0 PBS is a light and clean split leather with a polyurethane resin enamel sheet applied to the surface of the floor leather with weak fiber strength to increase the strength and leave the suppleness of the leather. Paper bag style tote bag pursuing simpleness develops LEATER GOODS with a new taste located between fashion and household goodsLEATER GOODSを展開。

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