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TPH cypress products-tissue paper holder-

Tissue paper that is indispensable in daily life. A completely new tissue paper holder that wraps a difficult life feeling with sophisticated functional beauty.

Tissue paper is one of the things you need to stand by in your living room, bedroom or study. With the manufacturer's box, the feeling of life remains the same and the atmosphere of the interior is destroyed. CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH is a paper holder that dispels the existing concept and "shows rather than hides" and "creates a space".

Following the TPH LEATHER (leather) and STEEL (steel) products, the "TPH J cypress" cypress product was completed in collaboration with craftsmen in Kisohirasawa, Nagano Prefecture. The soft wood surface of the cypress and the brass-colored rod are manufactured assuming that it is easy to match with modern spaces as well as Japanese-style rooms.

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Simple shape and scent of cypress

Kiso cypress has a very beautiful grain of wood, is highly antibacterial and has a clean scent, making it an ideal material for paper holders. CORINO2.9-1.0 TPH designed a tissue paper holder with a simple functional beauty using the "pulling" technique that has been handed down from ancient times in Japan. The white wood grain and mountain-shaped design that shines in both modern Japanese and Western spaces are one of the items that upgrade the dignity of the interior.

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