Opened July 1, 2020


corino 2.9-1.0 pursues a design that emphasizes convenience and beauty by combining various materials such as natural materials-Leather, Handwritten graphics-Print Textile, Wood & Metal. Hand-drawn graphics are printed and used as part of the expression. The overlapping of images created from the designer's own recollections is the theme of graphic arts, and the motif is "HUMAN = people = land, SKY = sky, SEABED = seabed".

Typewriter fabric

Typewriter fabric is used for the lining material currently used. Since the cotton yarn with long and thin fibers is woven at high density, it is a material that can be said to be a representative of lightweight and functional fabrics even though it is sturdy. There are various theories about the origin of the name of the typewriter fabric, but as there is a theory that it was used for the printing ribbon used for typewriters, it is dense enough to draw strong and delicate lines. It is a material.