Opened July 1, 2020

TPH J Leather 【Tissue Paper Holder 】
TPH J Leather 【Tissue Paper Holder 】
TPH J Leather 【Tissue Paper Holder 】
TPH J Leather 【Tissue Paper Holder 】
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TPH J Leather 【Tissue Paper Holder 】

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Received two design awards

Received A'Design Award & amp; Competition2020

It is an international design competition held in Italy, which is highly evaluated for its minimalistic functional beauty design.る「A Design Award & amp; Competitionn」Awarded 

Received OMOTENASHI Selection 2019

"Japan quality" selected by members from all over the world This award is given to products and services that represent Japan and have high originality and ingenuity born from the spirit of hospitality.れる賞です。

In 2019, it was evaluated for its excellent functional beauty and originality that makes you feel hospitality.て『Hospitality selection』Was selected for。


-------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------

TPH -Tissue Paper Holder-

Tissue paper that is indispensable in daily life A completely new tissue paper holder that wraps a difficult life feeling with sophisticated functional beauty.です。

TPH J LEATHER uses high quality leather from Japan. It is durable and has a comfortable weight. Simple and minimalist curve and straight line design. High convenience and chic office scene. Suitable for modern living room. Manufactured as easy furnitureしています。


Tissue paper is one of the things that people need near people in the living room, bedroom, study, or office. The maker's box will leave the feeling of life as it is and destroy the atmosphere of the interior. CORINO 2.9-1.0 TPH is a paper holder that "shows instead" and "creates a space"TPHです。


 Luxury and minimal
 The charm and design of leather

 The black color of J Leather uses high-quality Kip calf leather with a fine texture and natural luster. If you wipe it with a soft cloth, the leather luster will increase and you can use it beautifully for a long time. The brown color is a goat with a domestic finish. Made of goat leather It is a luxurious material that is also used for thin coats and high-class leather shoes due to its excellent strength and toughness. You can enjoy the beautiful grain of nature that appears on the grain surface. Complete symmetry. The form and two carefully selected colors are one of the items that create a profound interior space and upgrade the dignity of the interior.るアイテムの一つになります。


 The simple shape is
 A sense of security when using


 Inverted V-shape with paper sandwiched between two holder trays. Compact yet stable and gentle, you can experience the pulling out of paper.体感します。

The core of the upper tray uses aluminum with an appropriate weight to maintain its shape as the core material. The lower tray uses heavy steel to ensure stability. Movement of two trays The rods on both sides that control the metal rods make the paper pulling out smoother.っています。



 Paper settingグ


The size and thickness of tissue paper varies slightly depending on the manufacturer-TPH- can be used for tissues up to 120 mm wide. Considering the balance between stability and appearance when using, use about half the amount of one box. It is used as a guide for settingています。




 Japanese craftsman sewing

TPH LEATHER is carefully tailored by Japanese men's wallet sewing craftsmen. As the trend of the times shifts to cashless hands-free, everyone needs it and it always exists in the house and has a high design and leather products. The item selected as a sustainable shape that conveys goodness is the tissue paper holder. Most of the conventional holders cover the tissue box. Since it is used as one of the interiors, it is an original design that eliminates the existing concept. TPH was completed by repeating trial and error with craftsmen.返しTPHを完成させました。



Kip Leather used in TPH J LEATHER Gode Leather Goat leather is a material tanned with tannin. The thickness of the leather itself is around 1 mm and it is supple. Taking advantage of the characteristics of the material, sewing is sewn along with the core material. By eliminating the stitches, the roundness peculiar to leather is expressed and creates a sense of luxury.けてもらいたい逸品です。



 leather Efforts of raw materials


Leather is a by-product material that can be used for a long time. In recent years, it has been regarded as a problem in various matters such as selection of chemicals and water resource usage in the process of manufacturing leather from leather.問題視されています。 Considering the burden on the environment due to delivery、An increasing number of tanners are seriously working on environmental conservation using domestic raw leather.。

TPH J Leather uses raw leather from Japan corino2.9-1.0 aims to support Tanner, who manufactures environmentally friendly leather materials in Japan, to create new leather products.ています。




Delivery in BOX

We will deliver it in a cosmetic box with a calm brown color and a gentle touch. Please use it as a gift for your loved ones.い。

 Product Specifications

Size W235 D140 H85 mm mm

Weight 550 gg

Material: Genuine body / Genuine leather rod / Brass platingッキ)

Leather Kip Black cowhide kipプ

      Gode brown goat leather

Raw product, Katsushika-ku, Tokyo区

Accessories: Cosmetic box箱

      Instruction manual / Leather characteristics / Catalog

Intellectual property design registration No. 6230826号

      Utility model registration No. 3215044